We work with parents, foster parents and adult adoptees to help them support those they live with who have behavioural difficulties, trauma and attachment issues.


When my partner committed suicide I felt helpless to support my children in coping with this trauma. The TAAFA course helped me to understand what they were going through and I learnt valuable strategies to use, as we all began to come to terms with our loss as a family. Mum, Wiltshire

Foster parents

The TAAFA course enabled me to understand my foster children much better and I received information about valuable resources which I can tap into to build on what I learnt on the course. I believe I am now a much more effective foster carer and my foster children are making better progress as I no longer react to certain behaviours as I use the new, practical strategies I was taught, with them. Foster Carer, Chesterfield

Adoptive parents

Once our two ‘forever’ children came to live with us we realised that day to day life with a very damaged 3 and 4 year old was very different to our expectations of family life. We experienced issues that other parents could not understand and the TAAFA course helped us to see that the behaviours we were experiencing were a ‘normal’ response to trauma and attachment issues. Foster Mum, Stourbridge

Adult Adoptee

Now 35, I was adopted at a young age. I have struggled to cope with life and I have difficulties with social skills and had been referred to CAMHS as a child and subsequently the Adult Mental Health Team helped me. When a TAAFA worker was assigned to support me on a one -to -one basis for 3 months, it transformed my life as I began to understand the effects my early attachment issues had on me. I have read everything I can about this and with weekly sessions for several months I am now able to cope much better as I understand more about the reasons for my challenges. Marie, Sheffield