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trauma and attachment first aid

We are passionate about supporting anyone involved with children, young people and adults who have experienced early trauma or have attachment issues. We provide direct therapeutic support for children, young people and their parents. This usually takes place in the family home as in our experience people are more relaxed and open in their own environment. We also provide training, courses and consultancy.

All T+afa work is trauma informed and ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) aware.

As well as our professional qualifications, each of the t+afa team has personal experience of living with those who have challenges due to trauma and attachment issues. We know the hard work, frustrations, difficulties and misunderstandings first-hand. It’s with this knowledge that we want to help you.

We’re enthusiastic about using person centred approaches in all we do, appreciating everyone as an individual. We want people to understand their unique strengths in order to unlock all their potential. We use the natural elements of earth, fire, wind and water as a basis for understanding different personalities having seen how well children, young people and adults alike respond to this visual way of explaining their own behaviours and temperament.

Explore our personality grid:

Ultimately, what determines how children survive trauma, physically, emotionally or psychologically is whether the people around them – particularly the adults they are able to trust and rely on – stand by them with love, support and encouragement

– Bruce Perry

Who are we?



Husband, father to 5 including two 'forever' daughters, grandfather, therapist using Theraplay ® Informed Practice, social worker, trainer, cyclist and avid traveller, loves reading, enjoys completing crosswords and puzzles, DIY, gardening and allotment, an Associate of Family Futures


Fire / Wind

Wife, mum to 5 including two ‘forever’ daughters, business owner, passionate trainer, team coach, loves personal development , lifelong learning and travel, new experiences, places and people, reading and seeing disadvantaged groups inspired to see the possibilities, an Associate of Family Futures


Wind / Fire

Wife, mother of 4, leader, creative, therapist, ideas machine, encourager, designer, team coach, mental health nurse, planner, organiser (loves lists), faith motivated, green warrior, juicing queen who loves adventure. Spends some evenings in her home-made hot tub!

Personality type: Fire

Fire personalities are motivated by challenging tasks in order to get results. They thrive on having power and control to make sure they achieve their goals. They move quickly and enjoy initiating projects.

Fire personalities remind us of the traits of Fire: blazing a trail, hot, passionate, all-consuming, uncompromising; they give themselves 110% to the task at hand.

Personality type: Wind

Wind personalities are motivated by contact with people and enjoy a fast and changing pace; they can get bored very easily. They are initiators who network well with others in order to get things done and gain attention. They thrive in an environment where there is lots of variety.

The Wind personality reminds us of the traits of Wind: always moving, unpredictable, invisible, quick to move, needs to see things in motion.

Personality type: Water

Water personalities are sensitive to the needs of people and enjoy building relationships where they can play an encouraging and supportive role. Stability and harmony are important to them and like ‘earth’ they move more slowly than the other elements.

The Water personality traits remind us of Water: life giving, reflective, transparent, easy-going, and capable of “going with the flow”.

Personality type: Earth

Earth personalities do well in completing tasks and getting results; organisation and accuracy is important to them and they like to stay focused to get things “right”.

The Earth personality traits remind us of Earth: They don’t rush but move with purpose and their personality traits remind us of the Earth – steady, predictable, solid, creative.