Therapeutic Support


Our trained therapists can offer tailored packages to suit individual needs and budgets. We are listed on The Theraplay Institute website and have Foundational Theraplay Practitioner qualification. We always include a MIM video assessment (Marschak Interaction Method).

We can visit schools and train teachers and support staff to use activities with their pupils and help them develop the use of Sunshine Corners, all based on Theraplay® Informed Practice.

For more information about Theraplay and the evidence based research about this therapy, take a look at The Theraplay Institute.

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

DDP puts together what is known about the impact of complex and developmental trauma, attachment theory, child development and neuropsychology to provide assessment, therapy and parenting approaches.

DDP can help children who have been hurt and/or neglected within their families in their early years. Children can be traumatised by these experiences and find it difficult to feel safe and secure within their new families. This is sometimes called developmental trauma.

Our therapists are DDP core trained.

For more information about DDP and the evidence based research about this therapy, take a look at The DDP Network.

Therapeutic Life Story Work

Therapeutic Life Story Work is an innovative approach which allows children and young people to develop an accurate story of their lives and be able to reflect on their past experiences. It helps them to understand how their history has affected their sense of self and has been negatively impacting their present.

If children are supported to understand and make sense of the trauma that they have experienced then they can be helped to make significant changes so their past no longer impacts their present and future in the same way.

Our therapists combine a variety of approaches including those of Richard Rose.

Therapeutic Parenting

As parents of both birth and ‘forever’ children we discovered that adopted children need a different type of parenting.

Therapeutic Parenting describes the nigh nurture / high structure parenting that develops a feeling of safety and connectedness so that traumatised children can begin to attach and heal. We always recommend therapeutic parenting sessions to run alongside therapeutic work with a child.

We highly recommend the book ‘The A to Z of Therapeutic Parenting – Strategies and Solutions’ by Sarah Naish

Non Violent Resistance

We provide therapeutic support to adults who are involved in the care or education of young people who have a wide range of serious behavioural difficulties such as physical violence, verbal abuse, destruction of property, drug and alcohol misuse, criminal activity and self-harm. This can be group or one to one sessions.

Non Violent Resistance is a practical means of addressing these issues where the adult can receive help to redress the balance in their relationship with their violent or aggressive child. They are shown how to regain the parental presence in the home and, in the absence of resorting to physical restraint or violence, help their child to calm down and manage their behaviours.

For more information about Non Violent Resistance and the evidence based research about this therapy, take a look at the Partnership Projects website.

What people say

When we attended Alan’s NVR course were relieved to find that we were not the only parents that were struggling with their child’s behaviours. We learnt that our parenting was not about a power relationship but maintaining a parental presence by addressing the issues in a different way, using de-escalation and diffusing situations. We have learnt to parent in a totally different way and does appear to be working

Adoption Support Fund

We are registered providers of therapeutic services through the Adoption Support Fund.