Who am I?

Students at Harvard University have recently been offered a course that equips them for life beyond education. Our course contains similar elements to theirs and looks at Personality, Purpose and Passion. This is a helpful course for everyone.

What people say

Ruth Adams came into school one day each week for a year as part of the Inspiring Communities Project, working with small groups of students from the gifted and talented to those with specific challenges. The feedback from the students was 100% positive with most requesting more and longer sessions with Ruth. The aspirations of all students were raised as they learnt more about their individual strengths, created a personal mission statement (this was powerful and inspiring to see) and then created an exciting vision for their futures. Students with anger issues learnt helpful strategies to manage their rage while those who were unable to engage in the classroom found a place where they could excel as they considered their particular gifts and talents and how best to use them in the future. I would wholeheartedly recommend IYE and their excellent, professional and highly successful programmes. Clare Glaves, Assistant Principal, John Whitgift Academy, Grimsby