30th June 2015 The Gift of Hope by Beth Hardwick

Recently I had one of those experiences which only dreams are made of… my mum invited me to join her on a juicing yoga retreat in the hills of Portugal. It was heaven sent.. and perfectly timed for deep relaxation, health and restoration. What a joy.


Whilst I was there I met a woman who worked in London with children who are mute due to trauma. All the children she worked with were mute at school – not always at home. In fact, they were mute  mostly at school only. I talked to her about child trauma, about what is happening for those children and sought to understand how they dealt with these issues. Sadly her work hadn’t really engaged with this element of what was being offered through treatment, education or therapy. I am amazed how often I meet teachers and health care workers alike – who also experience these issues with children and young people almost daily – yet they have had no training, no input into how to understand it, deal with it and allow the best outcome for them and the child in return.

We are currently filling out applications for grants and funding left, right and centre… hoping that one or two will hit the mark and allow us the finance to make our training, education and therapy accessible to the masses… I can’t help but feel frustrated that we aren’t able to just get on with it in more venues and workplaces than we can currently …… as the impact and value-add for most of society is huge…

Whilst I was in the sun of Portugal… allowing my own life trauma’s to be processed and worked through.. I felt a deep gratefulness that I had that time and space to do so.. so many don’t. So thank you mum for this gift!


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