30th April 2015 Creating the best space for healing… by Beth Hardwick

I’ve been homeschooling now for three months. I love it. Yes I have bad days when I shout too much, I don’t think I can teach them and I want to run and hide…. But, mostly the experience is quite different. The house is calmer, more relaxed, less busy, more loving and safe.

The difference is, I have the time, the training, the tools and the knowledge of how to freely offer my children the best for them for this stage in their lives.

I’ve already told you about Martha, my eldest. She experienced early trauma when she lost her sister… and the effects of this have been apparent over the years since. What she needs from us is not the same as what our other two children need. I only know this now as I have the training and tools ….. if I was attempting to home-school without this …. it would be a series of very stressful interactions and arguments and we would be back at square one before the month was out. I am however in a very privileged position – where I can offer her a season where she can be treated and cared for in the best ways for a child who has had early trauma. She is privileged to have this chance.

So many parents, teachers, Social Workers etc.. are out there dealing with the effects of early trauma but they don’t have the language, the insight, training and tools to be able to create the best environment for these children and young people. Its desperately sad to see and hear these stories all around us. I wish Taafa was accessible to every school…. with early trauma being so common – please help us spread the word so we can come alongside you and work together to create the right environments for transition and healing. Taafa have the tools, the training, the therapy to help..



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